I Love You {Ek Is Lief Vir Jou}

from by Aloha Jacqueline



This song is in English and Afrikaans.

I was inspired to write it after watching a movie about World War 1 called The Red Baron.

There is a scene at the end of the movie that is heart breaking. The main character dies and his "girlfriend" crosses over into enemy territory to say "goodbye." As she stands at the grave, she "tells" him that she was asked why she was putting herself into danger to say here goodbyes, and that her response was "I love him" then she asks him "Did I tell you?"

This song is about telling the people, that we love them BEFORE it's too late!



When did this begin?
I don't remember,
the first thing you said,
I wish I could,
cause now I think about you.
all the time,
When will you be mine?

Ek is Lief vir jou,
het ek jou gese?
Dat ek het jou nodig,
kyk wat jy't aan my gedoen
Ek kan sonder jou lewe,
maar ek wil nie, ek wil nie.

You stole my heart,
with your smile,
you are a dream, a dream come true,
now I look at you,
and I love to see
that you thinking of me too.


And I don't know how,
I don't know when,
I found a found this love that never ends.
You, you make me better,
Yes you do,
and I thought that you should know.

That I love you,
Did I tell you?
That I need you,
look what you;ve done to me,
I can live without,
but I don't want to,
Ooh, Ooh

When did this begin?


from Jacqueline du Plessis (Demo), track released September 1, 2010
Lyrics by Jacqueline du Plessis and Alisha Merrick
Melody by Jacqueline du Plessis

Produced and Engineered by Steven Halliday
Guitar and Vocals: Jacqueline du Plessis
Second Guitar: Steven Haliday


all rights reserved



Aloha Jacqueline South Africa

Singer-Songwriter Jacqueline du Plessis

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